The Best Betting Sites for the KSI vs. Logan Paul Celebrity Boxing Rematch


Our Top KSI vs Logan Paul Gambling Sites

  • Bovada
  • MyBookie
  • Sportsbetting
  • Ignition
  • Slots.LV

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Another piece of our review process is to research the owners and corporations behind the websites. We verify they haven’t run rogue gaming sites in the past, aren’t on other industry blacklists, and don’t have a history of unethical and/or questionable behavior. Part of this process also includes taking into account the reviews and experiences of former customers

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One of the fundamental qualities that separate the good sites from the bad is payout speeds. There are online sportsbooks known for ignoring withdrawal requests or moving unreasonably slow when it comes to processing payouts.

Others set low weekly or monthly withdrawal limits, which make collecting your earnings a long, tedious process. This is done in hopes that players will grow bored watching their bankroll sitting in their account, and start placing more wagers while waiting for the next transfer.

While different banking methods will almost always require different transaction timelines, we guarantee that the sites recommended here are industry standard or better, relative to each payment type’s average speed.

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The best KSI vs. Logan Paul betting sites also employ responsive and helpful customer service departments. We ensure each sportsbook has multiple, actively-monitored contact options with quick response times.

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The betting sites recommended here are the industry leaders, and thus, frequently at the forefront of using technology to maximize user experience. You’ll find that our recommended betting sites are compatible on all sorts of computers and mobile devices, giving readers unprecedented convenience while remaining easy-to-use and visually pleasing.

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The best online sportsbooks avoid having bettors lose interest by accepting a wide range of wager types across numerous leagues, sports, and events. KSI vs. Logan Paul is a celebrity boxing match between internet personalities, which should give you an excellent idea of just how far the bookmakers will take their duty to entertain continuously.

Bonuses and Rewards Programs

One of the unique benefits of online betting is the bonuses. Every site offers entry-level prizes for visitors who either sign-up or make the first deposit into their gambling account. These will include things like free-play “coins” or cash in the form of matching deposit funds. A website will offer to match a percentage of that initial transaction – often 100%, resulting in doubling your money right off the bat – giving you significantly more cash with which to start betting.

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Early “KSI vs. Logan Paul – The Rematch” Betting Odds

Date: February 27, 2019 (although, it may be delayed until May 2019)

As you can see, the oddsmakers have a better appreciation for how evenly these two combatants are matched as we approach the second bout. Depending on the betting site, the odds for either side are ranging between +120 and –120. Some sportsbooks see KSI as the favorite, while others are giving the slight nod to Paul.

It will be interesting to see how the upcoming announcements regarding the date and venue impact the betting markets. While they’re almost perfectly even now, the knowledge that the fight is taking place in the US – and not Dubai, as KSI has recently suggested (regardless of the signed contracts) – should benefit Logan Paul and move the odds slightly more in his favor.

The potential delay may also influence the prices. If KSI gets his way and the event is moved to May, this would significantly help the British fighter. His reason for desiring the rescheduling is to take a break from training and eat junk food for a bit. If the contract is enforced and the bout goes forward on February 27th, it’s hard to imagine Olatunji being mentally and physically prepared on fight night.

It was his stamina that carried KSI into those later rounds in August; if he’s unable to get inspired for another training camp, the reigning “YouTube Boxing Champion” may find himself eating some of those heavy – but labored – power punches from Paul in later rounds.


The First Fight

Watch the Full First Fight for Free:

August 25, 2018 – Manchester Arena, Manchester, England

In their first battle, KSI spent most of the months leading up to the event as the favorite. While Logan Paul had never been seen in the ring, the British YouTube celebrity was fresh off a fairly impressive showing – swarming and overwhelming fellow internet star Joe Weller en route to a third-round TKO victory.

By the night of the event, Paul’s size advantage and wrestling background apparently came into play as smart money poured in late on the polarizing American. When they got in the ring, Logan had swung from a +170 dog a couple months prior to the –150 favorite.


Odds* for the first fight in mid-June:

* (based on Sportsbetting.AG’s betting lines as of June 11, 2018)

  • KSI: -250
  • Logan Paul: +170

Odds* for the first bout the night before:

* (based on Bet365’s betting lines as of August 24, 2018)

  • KSI: +110
  • Logan Paul: -150


In the early rounds, the line movement started making a ton of sense. Paul’s size and strength advantages were obvious and jarring. He repeatedly walked KSI down, landing heavy blows that hurt his European opponent multiple times. Through two rounds the action had been one-sided and embarrassing.

But that’s when the added size and oxygen-needy muscle mass started to work against Logan. Much of the middle rounds were uneventful, with Paul exhausted and plodding, but KSI weary of attacking only to walk into a counter. As the time wore on, the Brit’s stamina seemed to improve while Paul went into survival mode.

In the last round, KSI clearly won – sending the contest to the judges’ scorecards. To scorecards had each man winning three-rounds apiece, triggering a Majority Draw and throngs of disappointed youth. While the rematch – which was announced before the first fight – was already in the plans, this result made “Part 2” a necessity.

Read back on some of our coverage of the first KSI versus Logan Paul bout:

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  • Betting Tips for Next Saturday’s KSI vs. Logan Paul Fight

Things to Consider When Betting on the KSI vs. Logan Paul Rematch

Handicapping celebrity boxing matches may be similar to traditional pugilistic bouts, but also requires a unique approach to be done successfully. When skilled pros are in the ring, you can count on certain basics concerning technique, defending blows, conserving energy, and punching efficiently.

Sure, those issues still come up in regular boxing, but for the most part, a bettor can assume a certain level of proficiency and experience. Breaking down the real fighters then becomes more about how specific skillsets matchup against one another and the tactical details of the fight.

Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Betting Celebrity Boxing

As we briefly mentioned before, the variables which ultimately decide celebrity boxing matches are mostly the same as pro bouts – only prioritized differently. Footwork is almost non-existent, fundamentals like cutting-off the ring or slipping a jab are too advanced, and effective combinations are a rarity.

The fights almost always become a test of only three attributes:

  • stamina
  • hand-speed
  • Experience or risk-taking.


Without skilled defensive tendencies or proper form and strategy, the majority of these bouts become long sequences of both “athletes” tentatively circling or standing in front of each other. Early on there will be some exciting exchanges, but in 99% of these white-collar brawls, both participants will fall victim to an adrenaline dump. After an initial burst of excitement and intensity in the early engagements, the fighter becomes exceptionally winded, and their legs and arms get heavy.

However, these amateur contests are only six rounds long, which isn’t enough time to sincerely press a stamina advantage.

For example, by the sixth and final round of the first fight, KSI was starting to land with much more frequency while Paul had nothing left in the tank. He was beginning to eat shots while stumbling around searching for space to suck some air. In a 10-12 rounder, he drops in the seventh or eight.

But Paul’s size and strength advantage was so clear early-on, there was nothing the Brit could do but wait for his chances. It takes a couple of rounds to fatigue, then a few more where the fighter is slower but still dangerous; when he’s finally spent and ready to fall, it’s already extremely late in the six-frame war.

Hand Speed

You almost never see a clean “lights out” knockout; if someone gets TKO’d, the loser is either too exhausted to balance and is stumbling around, or they turn their back or turtle-up and force the ref to step in.

Most engagements are decided by reaction time and hand speed. Without experience and technique, opening an attack is extremely challenging. In the opening volleys, both competitors quickly learn who is faster, and – while unspoken – from then on the faster athlete typically throws the first punch and initiates the action in each exchange.

Experience and Risk Taking

The fact of the matter is: it’s extraordinarily difficult to stand in front of another person and box. At this level, you often have to be comfortable with getting hit to land a shot of your own. Many people don’t know if they have what it takes until the opponent is across from them and they’ve felt a punch.

Landing an accurate shot requires courage and focus. Unexperienced fighters will often flinch or blink when attacked, making it impossible to target and place their blows.

If you bet on experience, at least you know if your athlete has the courage to mix-it-up and trade punches without folding. The ability and willingness to attack – despite potential risks – may never be a consideration between pros, but at this level, it’s a critical factor.

Where and Why to Bet on KSI

If you put your money on KSI, you’re betting on his speed and stamina advantages. If just one judge gave the British celeb one more round – and you could easily argue he won four rounds to two (Paul’s frames were just more dominant) – he would have taken a majority decision.

Maybe KSI pushes Paul early. Instead of opening up real exchanges where he risks feeling Logan’s power while the larger man is still fresh, maybe Olajide just stays right on the edge of punching range where he can keep his opponent engaged, but still escape each time. By fatiguing him even a single round earlier, KSI can move the odds in his favor.

Best Place(s) to Bet on KSI

Best Line: 11/10 (+110) odds on KSI to Win


  • Betway

Where and Why to Bet on Logan Paul

A wager on Logan Paul should be centered around his size and strength advantage. With both me completely fresh, Paul was the better fighter. He landed more and with some serious pop in the first two stanzas.

To improve on his last performance, Logan merely needs to conserve his energy better. The added experience will go a long way; almost everyone experiences a hardcore adrenaline dump in their first live action, especially with millions watching. If you think the American can learn to pace himself just a bit longer, a bet on Paul makes sense.

Also, keep in mind that the rematch is expected to be in the United States. The home judging may be biased in favor of Logan this time.

Best Place(s) to Bet on Logan Paul

Best Line: 6/5 (+120) odds on Logan Paul to Win


  • Unibet
  • 888Sport

Where and Why to Bet on Another Draw

The best betting value around is the +1000 line on another draw. We have unevenly sized competitors, which benefits the larger man early and the smaller one later. This increases the probability of another three-three split, as the midway point of the fight is right where the stamina discrepancies become an issue.

These two opponents were evenly matched and competitive last August; it’s unlikely either of them progressed in any significant way in the meantime. In professional boxing back-to-back draws might be unusual, but with participants like these, it’s just as likely as either side winning outright.

Best Place(s) to Bet on the Fight Ending in a Draw

Best Line: 10/1 (+1000) odds on a Draw


  • Unibet
  • Betway
  • 888Sport
  • Royal Panda

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Who are KSI and Logan Paul?

KSI and Logan Paul are both extraordinarily successful and popular YouTube personalities.

KSI – whose real name is Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji – is a 25-year-old British entertainer who raps, acts, sings, boxes and generally creates a wealth of content for his KSIOlajidebt channel. With 19-million subscribers and over four billion total video views, Olatunji has the 65th most subscribed channel on the YouTube platform.

Logan Paul (23) is two years younger than his opponent and rose to prominence on the now-defunct Vine service before branching out into acting, directing, and hosting both a podcast and two YouTube Channels. His Logan Paul Vlogs and TheOfficialLoganPaul channels have a combined subscribership of 23.5-million.

Why are these two fighting?

In January 2018, Logan Paul became embroiled in a scandal concerning a vlog filmed in Japan, in which he recorded the corpse of a recently deceased Japanese man in a forest infamous for being a popular location for suicides.

A few weeks later, KSI competed in his first amateur boxing bout against fellow British internet personality Joe Weller.  Olatunji won by TKO in the third round. With 1.6 million live viewers, KSI intelligently used his post-fight interview to call out the polarizing Paul and challenge him as his next opponent.

KSI and his brother went back-and-fourth in the media with the Paul brothers, the trash-talking escalated, and the contracts were signed for an official fight.

When is the KSI vs. Logan Paul rematch taking place?

At the moment, KSI vs. Logan Paul II is scheduled to happen on February 27, 2019.

However, KSI told BBC Radio 5 Live – in a recent interview – that he’d like to move the bout to May, explaining that he hasn’t had enough time to enjoy eating normally and relaxing and isn’t ready to have to start training again. While there’s too much money on the line to be outright canceled, there will be some serious negotiations and possible legal battles that could arise from any rescheduling.

The original fight contract stipulates that the second bout will “take place prior to the end of February 2019.” It goes on to explain that “In the event that KSI opts out of the rematch US Event as above, he forfeits 50% of his net profits from ticket sales from the UK event and pays them to Logan Paul.”

Where is the KSI vs. Logan Paul rematch happening?

While no venue has been announced, the fight contract specifies that the rematch is to be held in the US. With the bulk of KSI’s fanbase located in Europe, an arena in a major Eastern city makes most the sense to maximize PPV sales.

KSI has expressed concern that a fight held in Vegas or Los Angeles would start too late for UK fans to watch live. Meanwhile, and East coast venue can accommodate both the European audience and supporters in Paul’s current home – Los Angeles – all tuned-in at a time that’s convenient on both continents.

Who won the first fight?

Nobody. The six-round bout that took place on August 25, 2018, was scored a Majority Draw after going to the judges’ scorecards. Two judges scored the fight 57-57, while the third scored 58-56 in favor of KSI. Both men believed that they should have won the contest.

Which online betting site should I use to wager on the KSI vs. Logan Paul rematch?

The answer to this question depends on the bet you’re looking to make.

Now, first, you have to make sure you’re using a legitimate, safe, reputable betting site. The options included in our list of recommendations or featured throughout the article have already been vetted and deemed to not only be safe but deliver the best online gambling experience to customers.

Once you’ve identified some quality online sportsbooks, you’ll want to shop for the best line – depending on the bet you wish to make.

If you think KSI will win, Betway is the top choice.

If you want to take Logan Paul, 888Sport will give you the most value.

Do you feel another draw coming? Betway, 888Sport, and Royal Panda will all give you market-leading 10-to-1 odds on neither man winning once again.

Is it legal to gamble on celebrity boxing matches like KSI vs. Logan Paul?